Volunteer Befriender - Role Description


The Carers Service supports Carers by running a one to one befriending service.  We are looking for volunteers willing to befriend carers to offer support and friendship 


Carers of people with mental health issues are often isolated, lonely or in crisis.


What does this role involve?


A volunteer befriender should:


  • Be a fully registered volunteer for Somerset Partnership Trust and undergo a DBS check.

  • Adhere to Somerset Partnership Confidentiality and Health and Safety policies.


  • Advise the Carers Assessment team if you are unable to keep an appointment with the carer you are supporting due to illness or other commitments.

  • Use appropriate terminology and language when talking to the carer


  • Exercise patience and allow sufficient time for carers with speech and language difficulties to verbally express themselves.


  • Value the carer’s knowledge, experience and opinions.


  • Report any concerns to the CAW regarding the carer or person they are caring for.


  • Attend training events if and when able.


  • Ensure the claiming of expenses with receipts is carried out on a regular monthly basis


  • If using your own car, ensure it is adequately insured.


A volunteer befriender will not be asked to meet any personal care needs.


What attributes/skills do I need?


  • Friendly and approachable

  • Good listening skills

  • Good communication skills

  • Reliable

  • Be committed to the role for at least 6 months

  • Have an understanding of the needs of carers


How much time do I need to commit?


2 – 3 hours, once or twice a month

What support will I be given?


  • A member of staff will be available to give you continuous ongoing support, advice, guidance and supervision


What benefits can I expect?


  • The satisfaction of knowing that you are helping a vulnerable person in your community

  • Valuable experience of volunteering that you can add to your CV

  • You can claim previously agreed out of pocket travel expenses


For more information and to apply for this role please contact:


Caroline Mead

Carers Development Manager

email: caroline.mead@sompar.nhs.uk

Tel: 01749 836606

mob: 07774 207458


Your support is highly valued and appreciated by our service.