Somerset Young Carers

The Somerset Young Carers Project is the dedicated service in Somerset that supports Young Carers under the age of 18. Since 2003 the Somerset Young Carers Project has supported 1600 people; and are regularly works with up to 250 young carers across Somerset.

The Somerset Young Carers Project provides support to Young Carers and aims to help them reach their full potential.

How We Can Help

The service can:

  • Answering questions and giving advice on anything you need to know.
  • Giving you useful information, which can help you and your family.
  • Introducing you to other Young People who are in similar situations to you.
  • Speaking out for you, making sure that your feelings and ideas are heard.
  • Providing regular respite groups, where you can take part in exciting new activities, have a break from home life, and have fun with friends.
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