Carers Groups – online!

Lockdown has changed the way Carers can meet as traditional groups have been forced to stop and many Carers are joining online support groups on Facebook to reach out and connect with others.

Joining online forums or groups around subjects that interest you such as gardening, art and music can provide welcome relief for carers and a chance to connect to others with shared interests and shared experience.

Most of these online sanctuaries have the benefit of never closing – you can join in at a time to suit you, and it reduces the complications of finding someone to provide cover. It is not a complete replacement for the need to get time away, but it could be a life raft for many.

We want to celebrate the nontraditional mechanisms for respite, consciously taking time out for yourself as a Carer is so important for your
health and mental well being.


Would you like to connect with other Carers over the Winter, to share ideas and thoughts, support each other and find out useful information? Join us for fortnightly carers online support group where carers from across Somerset can come together in an informal and friendly setting and chat with others.

We’ll be alternating the time of the groups to make sure all carers are able to access support during a time of uncertainty from the pandemic.


Please use this link to the Spark Somerset website to register for the group meeting

SOMERSET COMMUNITY CONNECT are developing a number of Carer-focused facebook groups that should give you an enjoyable outlet and a few moments respite, making new friends and connecting with others online who understand your situation with empathy and kindness.


Carers together in Somerset

This group is about sharing your views and ideas about how Somerset ensures that unpaid carers maintain a good level of health and wellbeing.


Somerset Creative Carers Connect

We provide an opportunity for unpaid carers in Somerset to share their creativity and connect with like minded folk. We believe that creativity is a wonderful way to communicate thoughts and feelings, share ideas, connect with others and have some fun.

 Somerset Musical Carers Connect

Our group provides an opportunity for unpaid carers and other musical folk in Somerset, to share their music and connect with like minded folk.
We believe that music is a wonderful way to communicate what is important to you, your thoughts and feelings, connect with others and have some fun.


Time out up the garden path

Time out up the garden path is about sharing our gardens with others.
Gardens stimulate all of our senses bringing us to life, uplifting the spirits and so much more.
Here’s some other groups that you can find on Facebook. If you are nervous about setting up a Facebook account for the first time, speak to your local Village Agent who can help you – just call the freephone Advice line.
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