Somerset Mental Wellbeing Service

SMWS aims to support individuals across Somerset to improve and maintain their mental wellbeing through access to community resources and opportunities.

The service is available to those who wish to improve their mental wellbeing to reduce the impact on their lives with meaningful support.

Wellbeing and recovery planning

Wellbeing Navigators will work with you to identify, create and implement your own Wellbeing and Recovery Plan to enable you to identify and have control over:

• The outcomes you want to achieve
• What you will do to achieve your personal outcomes
• What support you need from others to achieve your outcomes
• What you will do to stay well
• What to do at times that you find managing your mental health difficult

Self-Management Workshops

You will learn about self-management techniques to maintain and improve your mental health and achieve your personal outcomes.

Peer Support Workshops

You will learn about the principles of peer support and the benefit that support from people with similar lived experiences can have in promoting good mental health.

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