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    These rules are in addition to the points laid out on this page.


    1. The forum’s aim is to be a confidential and safe haven to discuss issues you may be facing in your caring role, or just a place to chat to other carers about things to do, places to go – anything to do with your life as a Carer.
    2. Please be careful not to identify by name any individuals you care for in the forum, otherwise your post maybe deleted.
    3. Please do not share your name unless you want to do so.
    4. Please do not swear or use abusive language towards other people.
    5. Do not copy threads without permission.
    6. Do not publicly share threads in any way whether that is printed or online.
    7. Any threatening language or a conversation that is deemed to be threatening will be deleted and your access revoked.
    8. Inactive threads will be deleted (after a period of 6 months)
    9. Please do not use the forum for advertising
    10. This is a moderated forum. Your access will be revoked if any of the above are not adhered to.

    Hi to all, My name is Derek, a 70 year old father of two, grandfather of two and great grandad of 1. I am also, and have been for over 20 years, a full time carer to two with mental health issues and also the carer to my 91 year old bed bound mother in law who lives 15 miles from me. I am exhausted, I receive no help at all from any services, save the village agent, no financial help, being a pensioner, both my wife and daughter, aged 44 duffer from paranoia severe personality disorder, both have been sectioned in the past. I am in the process of battling with the DWP to get financial help for my daughter,PIP, she has had no financial help for over two years, she has exhausted my savings.
    All in all, my life is crap putting it bluntly, a struggle to get past the call centres of most agencies, i am having horrid dreams that make me wake up, wondering what will happen if I am no longer here? There must be some sort of safety net surely?


    Hello, Welcome to all our new Carers joining us in the Somerset Carers Forum.


    Hello everyone


    Hi, Apologies I am only just reading your message. It sounds like you are having to juggle so much and it is perfectly understandable to feel the strain. Have you reached out to your GP for support for yourself? Its great to hear some help has come in the form of the Village Agents though.
    We know this forum is underdoing some technical issues at this time so might explain why I am only just seeing your message. Do you have a support network of friends around you? Some Carers groups are great for this, really good place to vent, chat, cry whatever you feel like, with people whom are going through similar journeys as yourself. Some groups allow you to bring your cared for with you if there are issues or worries about leaving them at home. Please don’t ever feel alone or question your worth, you are valued more than you know I’m sure.


    Hello everyone,

    Did you recently attend the Somerset Carers GP Carers Champion Conference on the 15th of January? Is there any more you would like to discuss/ chat about in here?
    Here’s the link to all the information from the day, if you missed it and would like to join in the discussion:

    Somerset Carers Champion and Health Coach Conference 2024



    Some useful contact numbers if you need support:

    • Somerset Carers: 0800 31 68 600 
    • Community Council for Somerset: 01823 331 222 
    • AGE UK: 0800 6781602 National / 01823 345613 Somerset 
    • British Red Cross: 0808 196 3651 
    • Carers UK: 0808 808 7777 
    • Carers Trust: 0300 772 9600 
    • NHS Somerset Carer Service: 01749 836606 
    • Citizens Advice: 0800 144 8848 National / 0808 278 7842 Somerset 
    • Open Mental Health (OMH) Mindline: 01823 276892 or 0800 138 1692 

    A warm welcome to the Somerset Carers chat forum. A space for you to own, create new topics, chat, ask questions, support one another and more.

    Please do take the time to familiarise yourself with the forum rules and emergency contacts lists should you need immediate support.

    If you experience any issues whilst using the forum or wish to raise a concern please email and a member of the Carers Service team will get back to you as soon as possible.

    The Carers Service Team


    A really good directory of support available for anyone supporting someone with mental ill health is the Directory of Support at the Open Mental Health Carers Page.


    A good resource for your clients is the Directory of Services and Support for carers accessed via the carers page on the Open Mental Health Website.


    Hi Kath, thanks for posting this. I find I don’t know what help I even need, so it’s good to see some things set out for me, best wishes, Chris


    Hi Derek, I just joined the forum today. I feel for you in your situation, has anything progressed since you wrote that last year? I’m 50 and am becoming the carer for my wife (also 50) who has lots of chronic health problems, including anxiety which is sometimes acute. Your pile of horrible circumstances with your loved ones sounds awful and I truly hope you have found some help? Best wishes, Chris


    Thanks Chris, the carers groups are really helpful and supportive. One to one peer support for mental health carers is also available. If this would be helpful, give the advice line number a call or contact Open Mental Health on 0800 138 1692

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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