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From September 2020 Carers Agents will be known as Village Agents. This means a combined force of over 60 Village Agents now support Carers in Somerset.

Why the change of job title?

As a carer, in the past, you may have been supported by one of our Carers Agents but you may also have received help from a Village Agent. We have listened to people who have told us that it is confusing having two different agents supporting one family and so we want to make it easier for you to get the help you need.

During the Coronavirus pandemic we changed our working practice so that all our Agents (Village & Carers) supported anyone who contacted us or who was referred to us with whatever they needed.

We know this new approach is working as we have been able to reach many more Carers – 7000 since March 2020!

What’s next?

Your Carers Agent will be called Village Agent from the 29th September. You will continue to get the same support from the Village Agent – it may the same person you already know but it might be someone new. This means all 60+ Agents are able to provide specific support for you as the Carer, and also to support your whole family if required: One Family – One Agent.

Click here to read more about the changes.

What is a Village Agent?

The Somerset Village Agent Service is provided by the Community Council for Somerset. 

The project uses paid, part time, highly trained individuals living in the parish ‘clusters’ they support. They help to bridge the gap between isolated, excluded, vulnerable and lonely individuals and statutory and/or voluntary organisations which offer specific solutions to identified needs.


What will a Village Agent do for me and my family?

  • Be able to provide you with pre-cooked meals to give you some respite – enough meals for you and the person you care for. Also help you access food boxes. Click here for info
  • Help if you are you struggling as a young person, an older person or as a family and need advice & support, but don’t know where to start or who to turn to
  • Link you to groups, events & activities in your area
  • Help you find the best micro-provider for your situation
  • Help find information & support agencies to support you and the person you care for
  • Provide emotional & practical support for you and your whole family
  • Guidance with financial assistance, benefit entitlements
  • Our Agents support local carers groups

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